Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is recommended for major conferences and meetings. This type of interpreting requires the use of booths, from which the conference interpreters render the speeches and discussions virtually simultaneously into the required target language. Simultaneous interpreting demands extraordinary concentration skills, which is why we usually work in a team of two conference interpreters.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is recommended for small meetings. The conference interpreter writes down the original speeches on paper and renders them into the required target language after the original utterance. This type of interpreting requires almost twice the time than the simultaneous technique.

Liaison interpreting

Liaison interpreting is ideal for very small groups such as informal discussions between two to four persons.

Organization of conferences

I would be pleased to organize interpreting services at your event and to pick a team tailored to your needs.


Further to my interpreting services, I offer written translation services. If you require a language combination that I do not offer personally, I may recommend qualified colleagues to you.